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Starting up a business is easier, but surviving is the hardest part of it! Every entrepreneur would have faced a state of confusion without knowing the reason behind their failure though they have showcased their talents, put in 101% effort and hell lot of hard work.

We will unlock the secret behind our success now to you! As a startup we went for cold calling, marketed with bunch of wordings to get a client, tried all sorts of marketing trends. But the result was Niiiiiiiiiiillllllll!!

But, we learnt to survive! The brainstorming idea we got worked out. It is simple and it is important to brand yourself! Though we showed many sample animated videos, you know SAMPLE is always A SAMPLE and cannot give away the quality of real-one.

We made an EXPLAINER VIDEO that why an explainer video is required. You won’t believe we started getting clients the very next day! Starting from February, 2014 we hold a special place in the hearts of our clients taking up many projects which includes various domains like banking, digital apps, products and more…

The Survivor Video of brandlovevideos :


Personal Branding is a Leadership Requirement, not a Self-Promotion Campaign!!!
Entrepreneurs-Wake up!!! The world is very fast than you think it would be. Creating an explainer video which would let the world know about you in matter of few seconds or minutes is always the best and would reach anybody in this smart phone era.

We have given you the fact and our success story!!! What are you waiting for??? Gear up and create your own place in this digitized world!!!
Now we are happy to say that we ladder up in our business and here we present our latest explainer video that we did for a smart app named “moviebuddy ”…


And our client says : Rudrajeet desai

Working with BLV was like Walk in the Park… All the work happened over emails and calls and best is that we never had to meet them. Their understanding of our Product and Script was quick and accurate. We got our Video delivered in just 10 days with only 2 rounds of iteration on small things. The quality is nothing less than any international standard work and that’s the best part..
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